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  Nathan Fillion (born 27 March 1971) is a Canadian actor best known for his role as Richard Castle on the ABC series Castle as well as his earlier portrayal of the lead role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the television series Firefly and its feature film continuation, Serenity. He has acted in traditionally distributed films like Slither and Trucker, Internet-distributed films like Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, television soap operas and sitcoms, and theater, and voice acted in the video games Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.  

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Posted on Jul,22 2014
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Events, Guardians of the Galaxy


Nathan attended the red carpet for the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy tonight looking ruggedly handsome as usual! I will be adding UHQ photos to the gallery as soon as possible, so make sure to check the twitter feed for updates and our gallery!


- Public Events > 2014 > July 21st – Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere

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Posted on Jul,19 2014
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The schedule for Nerd HQ 2014 has been released and Nathan will be attending 2 panels (confirmed) on Saturday July 26th @ 4:15pm and Sunday, July 27th @ 11am.

Tickets are $22 and are available to purchase:

  1. Saturday July 26th
  2. Sunday July 27th 

Here are some extra information about the event:

  • Where is it:? Petco Park.
  • How much are tickets? $22 each.
  • How many seats? 300+ seats.
  • How many tickets can I buy? 2 tickets per panel per order.
  • You can order multiple panels at once (though if you really want a panel, buy that one first). Multiple orders are allowed.
  • All proceeds go to @operationsmile
  • See more at: http://www.thenerdmachine.com/supersecret2014panelsshhh/#sthash.0tAAWAwO.dpuf
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Posted on Jul,18 2014
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Gallery Update

I’ve added 5 new UHQ candids of Nathan out and about in June in Beverley Hills shopping at a hardware store to Nathan Fillion Online‘s photo gallery. Check them out!

Out & About > Out and About – July 2014

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Posted on Jul,16 2014
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Guardians of the Galaxy

Disney and Marvel Studios released the full, credited cast list for Guardians of the Galaxy to Stitch Kingdom, and in doing so, they revealed a huge spoiler for the film. For the most part, the credit list included cameos that had already been confirmed. However, while many had been guessing that Nova might have a surprise cameo in the film, it’s actually someone else from the Marvel universe that shows up.

In the end credits, there is a line that credits Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik, who are the co-creators on none other than Howard the Duck. Yes, Howard the Duck evidently has a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy. How Howard the Duck will cameo in the film is unknown. It could be anything from Peter Quill reading a Howard the Duck comic book or watching the Howard the Duck movie to Howard the Duck appearing as one of the aliens in the film.

Much has been made of who Nathan Fillion will play. Rumors had suggested the possibility of either Nova or Cosmo, but he is neither. Fillion will be made up as a ‘Monstrous Inmate.’ It will be interesting to see if he is even recognizable in his role.


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Posted on Jul,15 2014
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For ABC’s crop, the network has just released all its fall series premiere dates for the 2014-15 season. Castle will be returning on Monday, September 29 with the premiere of season 7.

Monday, September 29
10:00-11:00 p.m.: Castle

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Posted on Jul,11 2014
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Nathan tweeted today a series of tweets helping his fellow friend Josh Wingate (@JoshWingateacts on twitter) gain 1,000 more followers reaching 1,680. As a result of this achievement, Nathan tweeted out a video of him tazing Josh as a “reward” to his fans. You can view the video here, it’s roughly longer than a minute!

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Posted on Jul,08 2014
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Spoilers alert!

Question: Any word on who will be writing Castle‘s season premiere? —Ben

Ausiello: The good news:Newly coronated showrunner David Amann is penning the Season 7 opener. The even better news: Rob Bowman is directing. And now, the provocative news: Castle will return with a two-parter, and to that end is casting the guest-starring role of “Henry,” a highly intelligent yet unassuming gent who’s deft at blending into a crowd. (A spook-y nemesis of Jackson Hunt’s? 3XK with a new face c/o Dr. Niemann? Discuss.) Also being guest-cast for the premiere are a Hamptons police sergeant, a doctor, a shrink and… a Coast Guard captain?!

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Posted on Jun,29 2014
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Guardians of the Galaxy, Twitter

So last week has been filled with several rumours of Nathan’s cameo role in Guardians of the Galaxy. First it was rumoured to be “Nova” which was shortly dismissed by the director and then it was “Cosmo” which Nathan took to twitter a few days ago to debunk as well. Stay tuned for the movie to see which role Nathan really has!

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Posted on Jun,25 2014
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Gallery Update, Much Ado About Nothing

My apologies, I thought I already uploaded the HD screen captures for Nathan’s appearance in Much Ado About Nothing a few days ago but I realized I haven’t! I’ve uploaded them all to the gallery now, and you can check them out – enjoy :)


- Movie Productions > Much Ado About Nothing > Screen Captures: Movie

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Posted on Jun,24 2014
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Conventions, Events, Gallery Update

I’ve been looking around the gallery finding missing albums from the previous months to the past year and I’ve added several photos here and there. Here’s a list of the updated albums, so check them out!



  1. Out & About > Leaving Cat & Fiddle (restaurant) – August 21 2013
  2. Public Events > 2013 > Nerd HQ
  3. Movie Productions > Much Ado About Nothing > Promotional Shoot
  4. Screen Captures > Misc. Captures > The Real History of Science Fiction
  5. Public Events > 2013 > Screening Of ‘ Much Ado About Nothing
  6. Out & About > Leaving Letterman – 2013
  7. Public Events > 2014 > March 22 – Backstage At The Geffen Gala
  8. Studio Photoshoots > Portraits > Thrilling Adventure Hour
  9. Conventions > 2014 > June – Phoenix Comic Con
  10. Conventions > 2013 > August 24th – Fanexpo

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